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DNA analogues

DNA analoguesThe main aim of the project is to investigate how the versatile properties of cyclidene complexes can be exploited in much larger DNA-based systems. In particular, the project is concerned with:

  1. The synthesis and verifying the effectiveness of novel DNA sensors, that are structurally enriched with transition metal complexes (structure 1).
  2. Obtaining and studying the self-assembly process and investigating the properties of advanced metal-containing assemblies that utilise π-π interactions. It is assumed that two versions of such systems will be synthesised:
    1. oligonucleotide derivatives containing cyclidene complexes used as bridges between the two strands of a DNA duplex, to form a linear stack of macrocycles within a double helix (structure 2a),
    2. DNA analogues composed of two strands joined together by π-π interactions between cyclidene units (structure 2b).

The research is financially supported by the Foundation for Polish Science