Head of the Group
Prof. Daniel T. Gryko

Phone: +48 22 3433063
Institute of Organic Chemistry
Polish Academy of Sciences
Kasprzaka 44/52
01-224 Warsaw
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List of essays:

  1. Two-photon Induced Chemistry and Various Applications
  2. Merocyanine dyes
  3. Anion Radical Coupling
  4. Principles of Fluorescent Probes
  5. Reaction of Pyrrole with Aldehydes - a Mysterious Story
  6. Diketopyrrolopyrroles
  7. Expanded porphyrinoids via intramolacular oxidating coupling - synthesis and properties
  8. Two-photon absorption fluorescent probes
  9. Synthesis of meso-substituted porphyrins
  10. Fluorescence
  11. The Pyrrole - reactivity
  12. Photosynthesis: antennas and reaction centers
  13. 1-3 Dipolar Cycloaddition (in Polish)
  14. Acridine Syntheses (in Polish)
  15. Classical Methods of Pyrrole Synthesis (in Polish)
  16. Non-classical Methods of Pyrrole Synthesis (in Polish)
  17. Molecular modelling (in Polish)
  18. Perylene imides (in Polish)
  19. Basics of Porphyrin Photophysics (in Polish)
  20. Methods of Oxidation of ArCH3 into ArCHO (in Polish)
  21. Duff reaction (in Polish)
  22. Porphyrin Reactivity (in Polish)
  23. Oxidative Coupling of Aromatic Compounds (in Polish)
  24. Synthesis and Properties of Chlorins (in Polish)