Center of Excellence in Developments of New Therapeutics from Sugars 




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basic organic chemistry, stereocontrolled organic synthesis, spectroscopy, high pressure chemistry


sugars, therapeutics, asymmetric synthesis, chiron approach



Research focus of the Center of Excellence:

Synthesis of drugs (or their precursors) must be realized highly stereoselectively, not only to obtain the products as single diastereoisomers but also in enantiomerically pure form. This can be done either by classical asymmetric synthesis (conversion of prochiral material into pure enatiomers) or more conveniently from cheap, readily available starting materials. Such materials are aminoacids or sugars and the Institute of Organic Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences where CEDNETS is located is capable of performing such syntheses. The formation of CEDNETS should increase the capacity of the Institute and enhance the scientific potential of research leading to optically pure biologically active materials.


 Objectives of the project:

The main objective of the Center of Excellence in Development of New Therapeutics from Sugars is to exchange knowledge and experience on stereocontrolled synthesis of potential therapeutics from sugars by so co-called “Chiron approach” between researchers from EU and CEDNETS. The main objectves of CEDNETS are:


*   improving links of Polish scientists with the outstanding centers of similar profile in Europe, by exchange visits of scientists;

*   increasing networking with those centers;

*   organization of international conferences on stereocontrolled organic synthesis.


CEDNETS is established in the Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences and is incorporated into its structure.


 CEDNETS is established from three groups from the Institute:


*  Chemistry of Sucrose. Application of Sugars as Chiral Building Blocks (Prof. Sławomir Jarosz)

*  Stereocontrolled Organic Synthesis and Supramolecular Chemistry (Prof. Janusz Jurczak)

*  Stereocontrolled Synthesis of Antibiotics and Related Microbial Products (Prof. Marek Chmielewski)






The work is coordinated by Professor Jarosz, with help of the Council of CEDNETS. The members of this Council are: Professor Chmielewski and Professor Jurczak and the prominent scientists supporting the idea of CEDNETS - Advisory Board.